Aurora Lothbrok was born and raised in Northern Minnesota. She began her lightsaber training at Michigan Tech, where she studied biology, and continued onward to the University of Iowa to study pharmacy. Her love of the outdoors and penchant for adventure took her north to Alaska, where she currently resides on Dena’ina Elnena land. She’s been told that she looks like she belongs on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Inside Aurora are two wolves—one is a hobbit who wants second breakfast and the other wants a real-life Jurassic Park on the island of Adak. Her favorite recreational activities include roller derby, photography, and sci-fi marathons with her husband and dogs. In fact, it’s a miracle this book was even written, as the dogs occupy important lap real estate and make using a computer quite difficult. Aurora loves bears and ketchup, and she swoons with affection for a strong female lead. Fermented tea may be her one true weakness.