“Wake up, mermaid. Balance has been disrupted, and we must fight. Nature as we know it needs restoration. We need our water back.”

Lake Superior is home to hundreds of shipwrecks . . . but only one mermaid. “H” doesn’t know where she came from. She doesn’t even know her full name. That hasn’t stopped her from having a good time: she’s spent the last few decades evading tourists, befriending local wildlife, and sharing spectral martinis with shipwrecked spirits. But there are whispers in the waters, rumors of a strange new threat killing whitefish by the hundreds. Out of the deep blue nowhere, H finds her North Shore paradise under attack. H must unravel her origins and harness long-dormant powers to lead Gitchi-Gami’s residents (furred, finned, and ectoplasmic alike) in the fight to reclaim their waters. It will take unexpected allies, divine intervention, and pie . . . lots of pie.

The Mermaid of Lake Superior is available at these fine establishments: